February & March 2015 Summary

My February report is really late, and I’ve got some time to write up my March report so I might as well combine them.

First off, I published a small game into the app store. It’s been awhile since I last finished a project, so I held a mini-hackathon for myself over the course of a week or so.

The game is called Squareo!

Squareo Icon

It’s a basic game inspired by the various (too many!) color matching games on the market (such as Dots).

The gimmick with my game is that the new squares slide in from the direction that the first swipe is in. It makes the game quite a bit more tactical in terms of thinking ahead!

The version in the store right now has 3 game modes, and they are pretty basic. But for a week’s worth of work, from starting the Unity project to filling the Google Play Store forms, I think I did alright!

Besides Squareo, not too much was accomplished (finals season!). But GDC happened!

And with GDC came many things. I may talk about my thoughts on a few (Vive? Unity vs Unreal vs Source?).

Game plan for the next month: Since I have Spring Break now, I’ll hopefully find some time to work on The Exiled People, a working-title name for a city-builder/survival game inspired off Banished and Dwarf Fortress. More on that, hopefully soon!

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