May/June…and July 2015 Summary

Yep. It’s been awhile. I think many blogs have this problem. Especially if their blogging is not terribly focused in one or more projects. I started these monthly summaries to try to force myself to write (and code). I think in part it has succeeded, but I need to do more.

Being in school, the calendar year is less of a start/end for me then the summer. So, as a new school-year’s resolution, lets try to write a monthly summary every month, without fail.

I am in New York for the summer on an internship, with only my laptop to work with. I’ve revived my Book Publishing Nation project and hopefully will have something to show soon. In the past I’ve designed my own scheme for generating random people names and book titles, but this time I’ve left it to a cool library called Rant.

For now, back to work. A post update on BPN will hopefully come soon.

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