October 2015 Summary

Oh I’m late again. That shouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

This month’s projects:

  • Pass, Shoot, Score! – A Football Manager-inspired game, focusing on the simulation of players through attributes in a team-oriented way. Let’s see how this goes.
    • This is built on my Sprunth Framework, which I’ve finally made. It is an SFML-based framework I’ve used for myself for a long time now. I’ve just never made it into its own library. But I figure code reuse is good, so I should do it.
    • Special shoutout to the Rant library. A C#-based procedural text generation language for simple but powerful text. I’m only utilizing a bit of it right now, but hopefully the game will be completely powered by this in the future. If you’ve ever played Football Manager, you know how quickly the text tires…
  • More blender fun…Click for full 1080p detail 🙂
    • arrayfun8

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