January 2016 Summary

No December 2015 Summary, as I mentioned in November.

This month has had some interesting progress! I’m going to try to write in more detail as I progress in the development of Pass Shoot Score! If you’re interested on some of the various game systems and the problems with the implementation, take a look at my most recent article. Keep a look out for more posts on the game, and let me know if this kind of blog interests you. I’ll try for some more technical ones too.

Currently in Pass Shoot Score! I’m figuring out how to develop the event system–this system needs to notify all of the world’s game objects. Similarly the game objects need to be able to register new events in the world. I’m most used to Signals/Slots style systems such as the one built in C#. As events can be registered for any future date (down to the hour), a signals/slot system would be difficult to implement. I would have to create the signal every time a event wants to be registered, as few time slots would have one in place. Signal/slots work well in what you would call “dense” systems (lots of objects listening to relatively few events). What Pass Shoot Score! is looking for is a system for “sparse” systems (many “slots” and few “listeners” — though at least one listener per event). If you know one, let me know. One option is just to use a std::map indexed by time and valued by an enumerable set of callbacks.

I’ve been playing around with Blender and the cycles renderer some more. Be on the lookout for some more renders!

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