March 2016 Summary

For anyone who’s read or followed my posts this past year or so should know I don’t commit myself very well to projects. This is a fault of many indie game developers.

Take a guess at what I’ve done this past month. Yep, nothing.

I could go on about reasons why (hardest class of my time in college!), but I think few care and it doesn’t belong here.

What I can say is this: Burnout is real. I’ve dealt with it every summer for the past 4 years, and it ultimately shows in my performance the months after. My final quarter here at UC Davis I’ve chosen to become a part time student. In part due to being ready for graduation (units-wise), in part to recover. The previous quarter was tough, and it really drained me. At this point, less classes is better. With this free time, I’ve scheduled time into my week for gamedev. Hopefully this will produce better results (in these first 6 days, it has!).

Check back next month to see what I produce.

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