June 2016 Summary

Well, I made it 13 months on this blog posting monthly (or bi-monthly…shhh) summaries before skipping this past April/May. On reflection, this way better than I was expecting. But I’m back here in June, and lets go for a longer streak.

Pass Shoot Score

Things have taken an interesting turn in Pass Shoot Score. Yet once again I have changed technologies; these days that seems to be all I do. Nevertheless, the current stack is quite interesting. Look for a post in the coming days detailing it in full. In short, SFML front end rendering CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework)-powered HTML/JS/CSS webpages with Vue.js operating on data from Grapevine (embedded REST engine) exposing an API for the Pass Shoot Score database/engine. Wowza, now that’s what I call a stack.

So what have I done in the past few months? Not much. What are my projects for the upcoming future? Not much (inevitably, Pass Shoot Score I bet). Maybe I should be setting goals or deadlines to become more productive. My fear (and reason for not doing so) is that I will stress over this and lose my passion or enjoyment of gamedev. And that, is the last thing I want to have happen.

Posting a few days early this month due to upcoming vacation, but I’ll see you back here in a month!

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