July 2016 Summary

Pass Shoot Score! is well underway! The pipeline is functioning and the database is populating. Not too much to share yet, but we have a start!

As with tradition, I’ve been sidetracked on other projects. This may be a fault of mine, but I guess it is my nature to explore ideas.

Rain Factor

This time, I’m revisiting an older idea, a clone of Risk of Rain. I’ve clocked many an hours into this game, and foresee more in the future.

One element that I love is how versatile the gameplay is. With many characters with different skills and a large array of items (and artifacts…), the replay value is incredible. In particular, it is a game that does multiplicity well (shoutout to Day9). In many games, they either restrict you from stacking effects or just break (gameplay difficulty wise). Risk of Rain doesn’t do that. Instead, it almost encourages you to do that, as often stacking items is the strongest way to beat the game. If someone is got an item that increases critical hit chance or pierces every 4th shot, it might be worth stacking 5 attack speed items. Item synergy is very important in this game. Then add in multiple players, and team composition becomes a thing.

This clone of mine, tentatively named Rain Factor, will be a tribute to it. I have doubts that I can create something as spectacular as they did, but I will try! As of now, I have no major differences to the real game, but I’m sure they will come up as I provide my own twists. From a technological standpoint, this is the first game in which I am using an Entity Component System, outside of Unity (Artemis’s C# port, to be precise). I think it makes a lot of sense since things like stacking items and adding buffs and such fit nicely as components into a character system. It is a relatively new programming pattern for me though, so it has taken a bit of time to pull me away for a inheritance-based thinking of architecture.

Not too much to show yet, but I did integrate NetEXT, a C# port of the THOR SFML extension. Among the library’s features is a particle system, which I have utilized for…rain.


Until next month, happy programming.

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